Drilling Support

We can assist you with drilling supervision as well as geological direction on your drilling program. Our experience includes:


  • Water wells
  • Reverse circulation (R/C) drilling
  • Core drilling
  • Sonic drilling
  • Air rotary drilling

In the west the old saying “Whiskey’s for drinking and water’s for fighting” is becoming truer every day in our country. This means that designing and permitting  water wells is important now, more than ever. Our geologist is registered in Utah and in Idaho and has years of experience permitting, designing and logging water wells.

For your other geological supervision with drilling needs such as R/C drilling, Core  drilling, Sonic drilling, and Air rotary drilling. We understand that by the time you are thinking about drilling you have already spent countless hours and large sums of money. We realize the need to make sure your drilling program is run effectively and safely all the while collecting the most accurate drill samples possible.

Drilling programs are expensive and require a great deal of planning and managing to run as smoothly as possible. Your exploration dollars are precious and getting the best quality drilling data for your money is our goal!


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