Geophysical Surveys

The types of geophysical services we offer include:

  • Magnetometer Surveys
  • Radon Cup Surveys
  • Scintillometer Surveys

When your mineral target has little to no surface expression and/or you are struggling to locate structures, then a geophysical survey can help. A ground magnetic survey is a cost effective way to help locate a mineralized area and faults. We have countless miles of experience running ground magnetic surveys and can get the data you need in a timely manner.

If your mineralized area has a radioactive signature like a uranium deposit or a Rare Earth deposit,  then perhaps a scintillometer survey might be a cost effective way to help identify your area of interest before you set up a sampling program or select drilling targets.

Radon Cup surveys have been a tool which prospectors in the past have had good results. We have experience with Radon Cups and will give you assistance with setting up and running your survey.