Geochemical Sampling

Types of geochemical sampling that we offer include:

  • Soil sampling
  • Rock sampling
  • Stream sampling
  • Vegetation sampling
  • Portable XRF sampling

Geochemical sampling is one of the most effective ways to identify an area of mineralization. Whether you are looking to identify a mineralized area that covers a few acreas or hundreds of square miles we can help you set up a sampling program for your area of interest.

We can assist you with your sampling needs by first selecting the right type of program such as: soil, rock, stream, or vegetation sampling. Next we can help identify the sample density required in relation to your budgetary constraints to help define your mineral target. Once the parameters have been defined and the sample methodology has been chosen we will carefully collect the samples so they will yield the best analytical data possible.

Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is one of the newest exploration tools that have come along this decade. We have experience using portable XRF’s and can use this tool to help make your exploration decisions by collecting real time data in the field.

Once the samples have been collected and turned over to the appropriate entity a report will be prepared that summarizes the sampling project.