Claim Staking


Our claim staking services include:

  • Land Research
  • Claim layout
  • Claim Staking
  • Filing claim certificates
  • Land Research

    Our land research begins with checking at the county, state and federal agencies for the most current and up to date information regarding land status in your area. For the most current research we can put our boots on the ground and physically inspect your property and see if there are any signs of current claim activity.

  • Claim layout

    When the research is complete, we will move to the next step and select the appropriate claim you need. We can help you to identify whether you need a lode claim, placer claim, or a mill site claim. Then we will design the layout of your claims in the most efficient and practical way possible.

  • Claim staking

    Once the land status has been checked and the claim layout has been designed MME will stake your claims as per the state and federal requirements.  We have decades of experience surveying in claims with GPS systems. After your mining claims have been located, we can take care of filing the required paper work and maps with both the county and state agencies

When your project has been completed you will receive a report that summarizes your program in its entirety.

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